June 08, 2010

Is this the time for a security flop, Adobe?

Adobe just recently published that it found a critical (as Adobe claims) security issue regarding Flash Player and Acrobat reader and what can be a better time for this new findings, just after Steve Jobs claimed that Adobe's Flash is not secured enough in that long "mail" he wrote the world.
I mean… come on guys, I can't even find the right metaphor to describe how pathetic this whole matter makes you look like, Adobe. No really, if someone had asked me I would say the Jobs has people inside the Flash Player team, cause it sure feels like there couldn't be a more horrific timing than this.
I think that the people responsible for this security breach should be held responsible for making Adobe appear to the world as an amateur software company. Steve Jobs can now easily say "ha! Told ya!" and the man would be right.
I write these words with pain, guys. I love Adobe but I don't think the love will save the day here.
I know that this breach has workarounds, but let me tell you this Adobe - telling your customers to download a Beta version of the Player is unacceptable. Work day and night, eat, dream, breathe the solution for this matter as fast as humanly can, cause guys… you can't afford to shake the boat, now that the whole RIA world is examining you with a fine lens microscope.

Simply can't.

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