July 13, 2014

Constatus - Find those Strings and Const'em!


Not so long ago I've opened a random file on the code base I'm working with and saw the horror of many Strings values which have "why am I not a constant?!" written all over them.
I figured that a re-factor is in order but I wondered how will I know that if covered all the instances of a particular String value?

Good thing there is NodeJS around and some nice modules like Esprima, which can help with that, and so I found myself coding this little harmless tool which does the following:
Goes over the code and finds Strings which, according to configuration, should be made constants.

Deadly simple and dare I say dumb as it gets, but guys - it does the work, so why not put it on Github? ;)
So feel free to visit the project on Github with the mind-blowing name: Constatus
It is not complete, there are many more features that can be added, but it's out there for you to abuse ;)

Take care