September 29, 2013

Flashmatticomponents now on GitHub

Hi guys,

It took 1 email from a developer who contacted me about my old Flex/Air open source project called Flashmatticomponent, which made me finally take the time and migrate this project from Google Code to GitHub.
I don't know how many of you are still interested in the murdered-by-Adobe-and-Apple technology called Flex, but if you do, I bet you can make use of it.
I, myself, am really proud of this project ;)

You can find it here:

I've also copy-pasted the Wiki pages, but it didn't turned out so well, and to be honest, I can't be bothered with fixing it right now, so sorry about that.


September 04, 2013

Quake III Arena - Statistics including Flags

Hi guys,

It is a tradition for us, to drop everything and play Quake III Arena, CTF mode, on every Thursday. Now, we did have some statistics showing each players kills etc. but we never had something to show statistics for Flags. How many did one fetched, how many did he score? did he restored any? you know... what really counts when you're playing CTF.
I looked for something on the web but couldn't find anything (if you know of any solution I'll be happy to know), so I've opened the log file and went through it to see if there is anything that might help me.
Apparently the log does mention the Flags but in such manner that it is really hard to understand in what status is the flag. You can't find anything resembling "Score" or "Fetch" but rather entries where the flag has been "touched" by a player.
To make a long story sort, I came up with a simple algorithm to resolve the Flags status, and having achieved that, the rode for creating an Angular/Node/Express (using Yeoman) application was easy.
I've uploaded that application source to Github and you can find it here:

quake-stats, an open source project

Feel free to download and use, and of course, if you feel that something is missing, or you have anything to add/fix, be sure to pull-request. The code was done pretty quickly, and therefore, somewhat dirty. I know and apologize, but hey - it's an open source project, so if you see something smelly - go ahead and fix it :)

Enjoy and Frag you later ;)