July 22, 2012

Stop using IE - Start using the web

It appears that many startups are consciously choosing to stop supporting IE ,and by that saving loads of cash and man hours for the project. I'm here to support this decision - IE should be banned out the internet community.

Whilst other browsers offer the freedom and ingenuity, MSIE seems to be stuck in some kind of a religious conservatism of keeping their user, from both ends, suffering.

It is as if that little child has finally raised his head, pointed out shouting "this king is butt naked!", or in other words - if you choose IE7 pay me up some taxes for making me bend in ways developers should not. And I'm saying, why stop at IE7 alone? Here, check this out - The jQuery core team has announced that it will quit supporting IE6/7/8 from it's 2.0 version.

Just think of the amazing stuff that could have been done hadn't IE been around. I know that MS is really trying to catch up (no, really, they are trying so hard it kinda brings tears to ones eyes), but IE9 is not there, and IE10, well - can MS please decide if they're enabling flash content there or not already?! And why should anyone wait for a version that it's feature he can get on other browsers now? indeed, old browser do hold the internet back.

And one might say that the problem is us. I mean, if we, as web consumers will stop using IE that will be it. How hard it is to upgrade your browser into something better? It's like people still want to drive with their bear feet like the Flintstones while there is a brand new Ferrari right next to them.

I must admit, that the only reason I'm still using IE is the fact that almost every government site in IL support IE only. Nothing works on FF or Ch and this is extremely annoying, but let me add that many official state services have started to realize that they need to support other browsers, like banks, healthcare etc.

The title "Internet Explorer" cannot be more misleading. Explorer is someone who boldly goes in search of new exciting adventures and experiments, where IE is more like the little guy at the end of the expedition line carrying everyone's dirty laundry. Far behind FF and Ch which are truly out there, leading the exploration to new worlds.

Stop using IE. Start using the web.