March 03, 2015

Check it out - You Can't Be Great without Technical Excellence


I wondered and bumped into this great presentation which again states what many of us already know but still wonder how come this is not common knowledge and practice.
This presentation is given by James Grenning, which I had no idea who he was prior to watching it, but it makes no difference...

The presentation can be found here.

James, after bubbling a little bit about agile, makes some strong points which even the thickest mind can grasp and relate to. To be honest, one's head should be really stuck in his rear bottom in order not to see the light James is talking about.

The mathematics of thinking before doing, TDD and code-quality is so evident it seems that this talk is redundant, but sadly it's not.

If you're impatient, allow me to point you to certain parts of the presentation which sums it nicely:
  • 17:35m -  WTF is a "hardening" period (which some of you may know as "stabilization" period)?
  • 23:15m - Not doing TDD is like...
  • 30:30m - What happens when practicing Development followed by Testing
  • 55:55m - Yes, you are special but it does not matter.
  • 1:01:10 - Motivating and De-motivation