May 19, 2010

OT: English it is

As you might have noticed, the recent post were given in English, and English alone.
Once upon a time I wrote in Hebrew (my native language) only, and then I decided to translate the posts and have them in Hebrew and  English, cause it might be of assistance to English readers as well, but bringing myself to write both in Hebrew and in English on the same post (cause I can't quite rely on Google's translate) was getting harder and harder. I had this wonderful idea to write about, but when thinking about having to double-write it made me go: "oh well, maybe later".
It came to the point where I've written about my lingual pondering but I've recently decided to go for English.
I love writing in Hebrew and I think I do express myself better in my mother's tongue, but since this is a technical blog, I truly believe it will achieve it's goal better if written in English.
Hope this goes well with you guys.
Have a good one.



Lior Boord said...

I think this is a very good decision

Flashmattic said...

what makes you say that (aside from you having yours on English too)?

Lior Boord said...

It just seems to me like the obvious thing to do, in English you are available for a much larger audience, including 99% of the Hebrew speaking Software community.

As Ehud Banay sings: "A day will come when everyone will speak the language of the Hebrew man" and until this day will come we need to write posts Blogs in English