May 14, 2010

Adobe's loves freedom of choice. do you?

You've probably read it already, but if you didn't then please do.
This letter from Adobe came as a response to Steve Jobs letter about Flash and Adobe (if you haven't read it, then look it up yourselves :)).
I've decided to put it on my blog to get the idea through. Adobe's has always been a creator of tools for enabling one's inspirations. It's like getting a box of Lego where you can build whatever comes to mind using the building blocks handed to you. I don't think that Adobe thought for a second that Flash is going to replace HTML, I don't think they even directed it in that way. Even as you read, Adobe's evangelists are still giving presentations and demos on Mac machines…
Apple might be a great force in technology, but when you take this power and use it to forcibly lead users like cattle towards your technology, your simply cutting the branch you're sitting on, not to mention disrespect your customers - that means, you guys...
Think about it.

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