My name is Matti Bar-Zeev and I'm UI System Architect.
Location: Israel.

Yep, that's the job title I'm holding, but if you took the time to read some of the posts in this blog you're probably guessing that there's more, and you'd be right.

I've been in the software industry since ~Y2K. Do the math, that's a pretty long time. And in this time I found out some facts about myself, like:
  • I love technology, especially UI related technology, but it would be a lie to say that I'm blindly in love with a specific code snippet. Now I know that some of you do. I… don't.
  • I love to code when code has a purpose and a meaning.
  • I also love to share my knowledge (you probably already know that), after all that's the reason I've started this blog in the first place (back in 2005, but who's counting?).
  • As much as love to share the technology tweaks I bump into on my day-to-day work, I also terribly enjoy ranting, so you'll probably find me bashing some more shit in the future.
  • I love Lego and I treat my code as Lego bricks.
  • I'm giving tech lectures from time to time (depends on the spare time I've got and if I got anything interesting to say).
Regardless of keyboard clicking I listen to music. I play music. I'm a musician first.

If you want to contact check out the contact page.

Hope you enjoy and benefit by reading my blog.
Cheers :)

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