January 02, 2016

10 years of blogging


December 22nd 2005 was the day the first post under this blog came out.
The post was in Hebrew and back then it took a lot of effort to make Blogger display RTL languages well, which is what I babbled about most of the post.
It's amazing to believe that 10 years have gone by since then, with me shifting between technologies and employers, and even sacrificing my native tongue (and your delicate sense of grammar) so that this "thing" I've created can keep on living.

This blog has served me so well over the years, and keeps on doing so.
It is my stage for ranting and bashing technologies (and sometimes the people behind them). It is the place I use to keep learning and exploring more, sharing anything cool I see on the way or think about, without taking myself nor the industry too seriously.
This place, like a good journal,  reminds me where I came from and where I wanna be. This blog, as the sub-title says, is my individual thought patterns (wink-wink, do you know where this line came from?) and I always find it amazing that you guys are reading this and finding it worth while.

So what's next?
Probably write some more :)
As you know, I don't write shit just for the sake of writing, and sometimes life courses leave me with little time to sit and shape sentences and ideas, but let me tell you this - this blog is still a passion I have that I don't see going away anytime soon. There are a lot of topics running in my mind which I can't wait to put on "paper".
I feel that 2016, and hopefully the years to follow, will be of more technology content, for I returned to my roots of coding and have new insights about the shift the industry is undergoing both technologically and conceptually.

One truth remains - I love making stuff, I love the creation process and this blog is just another brick it that wall.

Stay tuned guys...



Tal Salmona said...

And the name of the blog too... Flash is so 2006 :-)

Flashmattic said...

flash is a state of mind, mate ;)

Targumon said...

Where did the sub-title come from?
I don't know, it sounds pretty metal to me...

also: *babbled


Flashmattic said...

... and you're right, it does come from the metal part of me :)
Thanks for the spelling correction.