January 21, 2013

Flashmattic or JSMattic?

I guess that this post is out for all who have approached me and asked if it wasn't time for me to change my blog name into something more suitable to what I'm actually practicing for the past year or so - JavaScript. Well, it's not really JavaScript, since I played around with all kinds of technologies like GWT, Grails and some libraries on top of JS like ExtJS, but yeah, they had it right - I haven't been practicing (nor preaching) Flex or Flash.

There is no question here. Flashmattic.

Flash, my friends, is a state of mind and I'm sure that all my Flash/Flex mates will agree. The Flash/Flex communities were the most exciting forums I had the privileged to be a part of. Developers who took a relatively simple technology and made amazing stuff with it, including the creation of RIA.

Being a Flash-Developer meant that you had to think outside the box, always looking for ways to amaze people using your products. It is no wonder that the top Flash developers of the time are now among the top JS developers of today, people like Grant Skinner and Jesse Warden bring their creative minds into the not-so-recent-dry-as-F&^k JavaScript realms (Hey, the JS community is so hyped about discovering the MV* patterns in a way that makes any Flex developer ROFL).

So, my friends - This blog's name remains Flashmattic though you will see more and more content which has nothing to do with Flash.

Plus, it simply sounds better :)



Tal said...

Welcome back

Flashmattic said...


לירון טנצר said...

glad to see you posting again.
and finally declaring that you are not in flash/flex anymore.
and last but not least MABROK on the new design.
I like...

Flashmattic said...

10sir, I think you've missed out the whole point of this post ;)
Thanks - will do my best to keep posting more frequently...