September 04, 2010

IntelliJ, Flex SDK 4.5 and FCSH

Hi guys,
Here is something you might find interesting if your working with FCSH, or use it to compile within IntelliJ, but first - a disclaimer: I didn't go to the bottom of this problem and I don't know what exactly causes it. I just know how to work around it in IntelliJ, so… sorry 'bout that.
I recently updated my Flex SDK version to version 4.5. as part of it, I defined the SDK on my copy of IntelliJ IDEA but after doing so it stopped compiling the sources. Actually it jammed IntelliJ completely.
So… what I did is to check if any of the configurations were changed… nop, that's not it. Second thing was to check out the IntelliJ flex compiler settings.
As you might know, IntelliJ uses the FCSH of adobe, which is a shell compiler, for compilation. I simply disabled the usage of FCSH and used the default MXMLC (I mean, why not?) and it all works well now.
Here's how you do it:
Go to IntelliJ preferences, type "flex" on the search box and you will see the Flex Compiler tab. Just change it from FCSH to parallel compilation. That's all.
Hope this help you,
Have a great week.



Lior Boord said...

So you are now using IntlliJ? no more FB? good for you! With the lack of FB support on Linux I'm also considering moving to Intellij.

Flashmattic said...

Well, you should.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I had the same issue. I opened a bug at