January 27, 2015

Javascript Event Payload Preformance Effect

I recently had a debate with one of my colleagues about why he shouldn't put redundant details on a Javascript event payload.

I strongly urged him to avoid putting information that no one needs just because it's there, and he claimed that it has no influence on the way the application work and preforms - which immediately lite up my "this is a task for JSPref" bulb.
You see, aside from being hard to maintain and in many times read and understand, having a lot of information over the event is simply slower than having less.

So just for the sake of your future debates over this, here is a JSPref I ran, where you can see that even clearer on FF.
Avoid redundant data transfer when possible :) 

Events Payload Performance Effect JSPref

If you think this JSPref is not accurate feel free to fork it.


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