April 27, 2014

My Sublime Text plugins


I am pretty sure that many of you are familiar or even using Sublime Text.
If you don't you should definitely check it out and consider it being your main text/code editor.
One of it's key features is the plugins you can add to it, and so you can find numerous plugins which helps your coding process so much. I would like to share with you the very limited, yet so useful, set of plugins I use:

Something to help you code Angular better. Aside from code-completion it also offers a cool "goto definition" which helps greatly within AngularJS. Not to die for, but does makes things easier.

Brackets Highlighter
The name says it all. You want to know where you brackets start and end, surely if you're a web developer. This plugin hands it to you so you can stop looking for that missing bracket.

Runs the basic Git operations from within Sublime Text. I'm not using this excursively since I prefer Git bash for these sort of things, but adding files, diffs and blame are darn easy and clearer with this plugin.

Git Gutter
You want to see your changes directly on the code (ok ok, on the code pane gutter). This plugin will let you do that. love it.

That's it.
Told you, I don't stack plugins just for the sake of having them. These 4 are the ones I use frequently and they are reliable.

I would love to hear any other plugins suggestions you might have that can make the work of a web developer much easier with Sublime Text.

… and BTW -
I don't know how many of you remember one of the brilliant Flash talents of all times - Mr. Grant Skinner. Anyhow, he has migrated to HTML5 development since and recently I've bumped into his RegExp tool for JS. I loved the previous version of that tool for ActionScript and this one is even better. A keeper.
Check it out - regexr

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