November 16, 2011

Apache Flex? Hell yeah

You've probably heard the old news, about Adobe ditching the development for Flash Player on Mobiles devices, but here is something even newer:
From the "your questions about flex" announcement it is pretty sure to say that Adobe has decided to ditch the Flex SDK and BlazeDS development and proposed an offer for the Apache Software Foundation to "incubate" both.
Before you jump into conclusions I strongly suggest that you read the Q&A once again, to understand what this step means to the Flex community. And now that you have, I'll give you my 2 cents on the topic.
Although many will refuse to believe, I did foresee this coming, though I didn't imagine that Adobe will renounce themselves from Flex, and I still stand behind my words that "ditching Flex and moving to HTML5 completely is also not the smartest path to take" but enough quoting myself.
Many might say that this announcement is the final nail in Flex coffin.
I think not.
As a matter of a fact, this might bring the Spring (pun intended) of Flex and maybe put a sock in the mouths of those Java geeks who walked around shouting "Adobe is not a code company" - meaning that Adobe cannot be compared to Oracle (Sun) in delivering a coding platform like Java. Now if Apache takes the wheel this might change for the best.
I will say it again - Flex will lose it's place in the RIA technologies market. HTML5, at it’s uncompleted form today, can already supply 90% of what Flex can offer, however, Flex is still a valid technology, as I see it, and if I came across a project that shouts "Flex!", I will not hesitate.
If Apache will except Adobe's offer, this will mean that Adobe no longer decides where Flex goes - the community does. If back then, we had to scream for better compiler, I believe that in the hands of Apache the response will be quicker and much better.

Just think of it - "Apache Flex".
Too bad Adobe is keeping the development for the Flex Builder, but what can you do.
So - no doubt that the future will be interesting (in spite of HTML and JS) and I do wonder what Adobe and Apache will cook for us. In the meantime, try to remember these unquestionable truths:
  • Flex offers complete feature-level consistency across multiple platforms
  • The Flex component set and programming model makes it extremely productive when building complex application user interfaces
  • ActionScript is a mature language, suitable for large application development
  • Supporting tools (both Adobe’s and third-party) offer a productive environment with respect to code editing, debugging and profiling


Dan Pride said...

Finally some common sense. Glad to hear we are getting rid of Adobe. What Jerks ! I will NEVER invest my time in one of their products again. It wasn't so much what they did as the mentally unstable way they did it. Getting sold down the river on five years of effort once was enough. I now program in Html5 and php, Php 5.3 is great but Html5 is a piece of crap. YECH ! its like working with crude stone tools by comparison. Its a total joke but its a buzz word so here we all go over the cliff ! Microsoft had it right for once. Make bit by bit screen manipulation native, change the name from flash to "another jobs wonder"and we are all set. 90% with HTML5? Not in your lifetime. You must be working on pretty simple projects.
Dan Pride

Flashmattic said...

Adobe did make an ass of itself. They gave up so quickly, but fear not, all the developers I know will never give them the credit again.
As for the 90% well... It really can. I'm not working on branding sites, trust me ;) if you have an idea for something that can't be done with HTML5 please put it here, and lets discuss it.